Cover Up?

Like I said in my earlier post Vinatge ‘Do I went to the fashion show with my friend Emily and none of us could decide what to wear. Everyone I asked was like, “ummm ohh I don’t know….” COOL! So I decided to just whip something up really quick since I couldn’t find anything in my closet to wear. I dug some fabric out of my closet and got to work. I checked on my pinterest boards to see if I could find anything and I did! Click on the image to travel to Bored and Crafty for the tutorial!


It actually is for a swim cover up but whatever I do my own thang! I originally was going to make it be a dress but then I noticed that it didn’t have side seams and my fabric was quite sheer so it quickly turned into a top! I made a pattern piece quick out of some dot paper – which I recently turned into pattern pieces for a bag I made but never fear it’s literally just 3 panels so really no need for a pattern piece at all it’s just the fashion design student in me! Then I cut and sewed my soul off because I didn’t want to be late getting ready and I wasn’t sure how my hair was going to cooperate, etc. Ya know all the usually “getting ready to go out jitters.” It turned out nicely though and everyone was loving it along with my hair!



Luckily I had some black ribbon sitting around and I could use that for the belted part to cinch in the waist. I don’t own a black belt and I know I didn’t have enough time to make some spaghetti tubing to use – especially out of a sheer fabric.



I’ve actually had this fabric for a long time. I found it at my school’s little store one day and really liked how it was striped and sheer ll in one. And, how the stripes were different sizes as you went down the panel. Pretty cool! Here are just the back and the side:

0329131139 0329131140


Wooo! I was super happy with how this turned out. I need to roll the edges one more time though – sheer fabrics always fray like a beast. But I for sure plan on wearing this again soon, which is rare because a lot of times when I make things like this I end up not liking them and never wearing them again. Weird. But here we re at the event – I paired it with my grey floral printed pants (had to sew those up too – the legs were to loose and I wanted them super fitted since the top was so flowy) and some black booties that I had since I don’t own any other black shoes with a heel, strange I know. P.S. don’t mind the fact that I look like a troll in these pictures!



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