Eyebrow Threading

Ok, so like I said yesterday I had recently gotten my eyebrows threaded for the first time. I am usually a single rip, waxing kind of person but we had a little break between our finals on Monday so Shawn and I decided that ok lets just go do it. He has gotten his before so he knew what was up and I had watched him get his done before. Still thinking ok we’re good lets just make it happen so I don’t miss/be late for my final. We get to the place and when we tell them that we both want our eyebrows done the lady looked at Shawn like he was crazy. First of all: NO! That is money for you, why would you deny it? So what if he is a guy – he wants his damn eyebrows done and he is going to pay you. Why are you being stupid?!?!

Anyway, I go first and she sits me down in the chair and I have to lean back and stare up into the ceiling skylight. Ok it’s a sunny day in L.A. so my eyeballs were already watering because it was so damn bright! She starts and almost immediately I want to vomit. The thread – being common, everyday sewing thread mind you! – being in her mouth and the constant pulling of multiple hairs at once and the fact that I can hear it was killing me. It didn’t hurt – I mean come on, I can get waxed all day.  Shawn told me that when he was done she was pretty rough and you are only supposed to take one hair at a time which is silly because we would be there all day. This way only took like 5 minutes each – worst 5 minutes of my life! Not only was I going to vomit but when she made me hold my eyelid down I almost lost it. I just couldn’t handle it. She was lucky she finished when she did otherwise she would have been thrown up on.

brows1This is what they looked like from the other day. I did need something done with them and I had never done the threading before and I’ve heard a lot of people talking about. Lets just say I will never be doing it again! I got super red from it and I stayed red into yesterday – that’s over 24 hours. WHAT DID SHE DO TO ME?!?! Like I said I’ve had my eyebrows waxed many a time and I know I turn red but only for a couple hours and then it goes away. Not the case here.



Hmmm….Don’t really look that much different do they? I mean they definitely are more cleaned up and I don’t usually do a huge arch but there is really nothing new going on. You can even still see in the bottom close up how under my eyebrow it is still kind of red. I mean…..pure torture. Anybody else ever have an experience like this? I understand that I was under high stress with finals and all but lets be real. I’ve never been to the edge of vomiting over a cosmetic procedure. EVER. It was only $10 to get done so it’s not like it broke the bank which I was happy about since it was so shitty the whole time. Shawn bought me ice cream afterwards to make me feel better! What a kid!

Face for the whole situation:




2 thoughts on “Eyebrow Threading

  1. Lol, this was a funny post to read. I get my eyebrows threaded every 3/4 weeks, and luckily I’ve never had it bad so much that I wanted to vomit. Maybe you just went to the wrong place? Threading is meant to be quick and easy. I do remember one time though, when this woman (I’m assuming she was new) was taking each hair out like one at a time, not the nicest feeling in the world, lol. x


    • Really?! I don’t think I could ever do it again. Like I said it didn’t so much hurt it was just the repeating sounds, high stress from school, having to hold my skin for her, the string in her mouth, looking up into the skylight so I was blinded, etc. that was pushing me to the edge of glory! I’m sure I’ll give it another shot if I mind a different place to go to 🙂


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