Vintage ‘Do!

Wooo! I’m finally done with this quarter of school! Today is my first day of break and I’ve slept the past 19 hours. Let’s just say I was a little tired. I’m happy to be done though. Most of my grades are in and they are looking pretty good!

Anyway on to more fun stuff: my friend, Emily, and I went to my school’s annual fashion show on Friday night and I wanted to do something cool with my hair! I was trolling around YouTube looking for something – which I do a lot of – and I found this cool hairstyle by a girl that I subscribed to a long time ago and I decided to give it a go! This lady is really awesome and I highly recommend watching all her videos. She has pretty gnarly tattoos too! She gives really great, thorough directions for achieving looks and everything that I’ve tried has come looking pretty cool! This is the video that I watched:

And here is how it turned out (this was actually the day before when I was planing my outfit and wanted to try it out to make sure I could do it!):


I was so happy it turned out! The only difference is that I didn’t want so much curl going on so I just piled it all into a giant bun on the back of my head. Nothing to special just the buns that I normally wear. Everyone was dying over it though! I had my picture taken so many times with people it was sick all because of the swirly hair. I also found myself on tons of people’s instagrams. Just my face that they snapped quick as I was talking or walking by and they wanted to show my hair!

Also: I switched out the scarves – I was going to wear this one but then put a pink and black cheetah printed one in instead. To match the rest of my outfit. I ended up making the top so I’ll make a post about that tomorrow!

And, I got my eyebrows threaded for the first time yesterday which I will also post about in the coming days! There is so much to be talked about now that I’m done with school for a while and have so much free time!


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