Wedge Sneakers…

Ok my friends we need to have a discussion. What the hell is up with this wedge sneaker trend?!?!?! I think they are the stupidest things in the world. Not to mention ugly! I’m not 100% sure why I loathe them like I do but oh my goodness they are foul.

I mean…just no. This is like “Oh it’s fine that I’m wearing a sneaker to this event because it’s a wedge.” Nope. Not ok. If you want the height just wear a wedge, or a pump. Or something other than these! I just don’t understand these. They are the mutated child of footwear. And SOOOOOOOOO many people are in love with them. I just think they are sick.

Could be the outfits too? I don’t know. I’m vomiting all over myself right now. I mean Miranda Kerr isn’t even pulling it off for me. Forget the other two they just look like fools. But Miranda….I love her, especially with her cute baby, but just no. However these wedgies are nearly as sick as these that came out a while back;

These are actually so nasty that I would wear the wedgies before these for the rest of my life any day! I think it’s because these were so nasty that they tried again with a heeled sneaker and unfortunately the people took to them. I trolled Google high and low, for hours looking for a picture of a person wearing them in which I wasn’t like “Oh hell no!!” I found nothing. I even turned of biasness and really tried to find one. I’m the kind of person who even though I hate something if a person does it right with a good outfit, etc. and is really looking awesome I can admit it. I can’t find it with the wedgies. They are just sick. I guess if you want to go the practical route maybe. Like, “Oh I need to be a model on the runway today but I also need to hit the gym.” Well perfect! No need to bring a change of shoes!


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