I finally have my bathroom done enough to start showing it off! I’ve been adding some new things here and there and I really want to add some pictures, etc. As you may have already seen it has a Hello Kitty theme because I’m a 3 year old. Not really I’m actually 21 but I love that little kitten more than anything in the world! Picture time:


Shower curtain my mommy sent to me! I couldn’t find one here so I asked her to look at home and she found it! She sent it to me with some pants she bought for me too as per my request. She’s the best! There are matching shower hooks too but I don’t like them because the curtain tends to fall off them when you pull it open and closed. Which sucks because they are really cute.


I can’t handle the cuteness! Everyone that has seen it has died! When I first posted pictures of it on Facebook, etc. people thought I found it on Pinterest and just wanted my bathroom to look like that. No my friends, it is MINE! Every time I walk in there I just smile like a crazy person I mean come on it’s so cheery!downsized_0304132119

Look! Look! There are my glittered jars (read the post!) that I made! Also I finally have a purpose for my Hello Kitty Easter basket that I bought a couple years ago. I was at JoAnns when I saw it and had to buy it. It’s so cute. There is nothing in it but that’s fine it’s cute on its own. Pink towels that my aunt sent me for Valentine’s Day from Kohl’s – they are great and they don’t get that weird bleach spot even though I don’t use bleach……? And then I got those pink baskets from Target too that I just throw all my junk in that I need to keep in my bathroom but I don’t necessarily want everyone to see/have sitting out. I think I paid like $6 for each one.


This the little thing that I got to set over my sink. When I first got it I set it up and was like, “Ok….what the hell am I going to put on it now?!?!” I didn’t have anything on it for a while but now I have tons of little decorations on it! I got  few of my HK stuff and put it on the little shelves to dress it all put. And, look there is my other craft – homemade flowers! I also am in love with the nautical sticker! Isn’t she so cute! I got the soap pump from Target on sale for $9.99! It matches my shower curtain perfectly – they are from the same collection so obviously they will match. They also have body/hand towels that match too but I didn’t need those.

downsized_0304132120a downsized_0304132121 downsized_0304132122

I found this set of stickers on for $9.95 which was the cheapest I found for the amount of stickers you get! They stick really well too and don’t leave any marks on your walls when you peel them back off. I tried a couple!

Like I said I want to add some pictures or framed posters of Hello Kitty to take up some wall space and fill in the area where it would have been weird to have a sticker. I also want a clock in there because sometimes I get messing around and forget what time it is! I honestly need clocks in all the rooms of my apartment. I found a pretty cute clock on Amazon but it was $40…not sure how I feel about that one. Anyway, what do you think? Cutest thing ever right?!?!? I’ve even had straight guys here that love it! I wasn’t sure how they would feel and they just laughed and understood that, that’s just how I am: insane. ;D


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