Almost There!

First things first, please just take a moment to admire this new layout theme dohicky. Cute right? Now scroll your little soul off and watch everything MOVE. I was honestly on the ground (which is now freshly swept!) when I found it. I like to change it up but it seems that the really cute themes are usually the “premium” ones and you have to pay for those. Ummm…no. I’m not about that! But when I saw this little gem I was so happy – free and the coolest thing ever! But moving on…

I started cleaning my apartment! I didn’t end up going into school to work on stuff because I…just…no. I didn’t want to make the subway ride in and then haul all the stuff back home. I mean I will have to eventually but not today please. Plus I found that I have enough dot paper here so I will be able to get what is due on Monday done so I’m good. So I started cleaning everything and dusting my hands off. It was sick. Also I had to  use 5 of the dry Swiffer pads. Like no, that’s sick. The floater apparently looses more hair than I do so I was Swiffering up her hair all day. I was gagging. It’s looking a lot better though! I just have a couple more things to put away in the main room but I got a wild hair while I was cleaning and kind of started to move onto something else. I still need to do the dressing room area though. I got most of my laundry done but I ran out of quarters so the last load will need to wait until I go out and then if I remember to get the quarters! I found some weirdo decorations that I had at home and want to put them up somewhere because they are crazy and I love them I just don’t know where yet. And, since I don’t really have a chair (that I can stand on, I’m not about to attempt the rolly chair!) I can’t put anything up very high. I am 5’10” but lets be real that won’t reach the ceiling.

downsized_0309131130 downsized_0309131130a

So the wild hair that I got was that I plan on opening up an Etsy shop! I really want to start actually making things and selling them. Lets be real, this girl needs money! And that’s what this little pile of doom is on the floor and why there wasn’t that many pictures taken of the cleaning since I made a mess again half way through it.


I have some ideas already about the things I want to make. The good thing about my school is that they have all the intense equipment that will allow me to make my own patterns! That way everything will be super unique! I’ve been reading a lot about opening/running the Etsy shop and working out shipping, etc. so everyone wins in the end. It’s a lot of things to think about! There are so many things that you need to consider. I read all the things that Etsy has published on running/managing your online stores and it seems like a lot of work but I think I can handle it. I mean I spend so much time now just lolly-gagging around online I can put all that time to use and make some stuff to sell. I plan on getting the ball rolling with dresses for little girls. I will hopefully broaden that soon once I see how the dresses go. They are the easiest to make so hopefully those go over well and then I can branch out into other items and offer more. The only bad thing I see coming is that I’m kind of impatient so if I don’t sell anything like the first week…or lets be real the first day, I’m going to get antsy. It’s a fault of mine but hey at least I know its there. I just don’t know how to remedy it!


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