Ok so lets be real: I suck at commitments of all kinds so this whole “creative thing every day” isn’t going to work out for me! Instead I’m just going to blog more about things that I love and make it happen. I do love writing things for the world to see and I think I have a pretty interesting life and a lot of shit to spew out to everyone! I also am a fashion student so I want to start talking about that some more too. I’m such a critic! I don’t really know if I have the right to be one since most of the time I look insane when I leave my house but whatever. I’m very opinionated and feel the need to always share! That being said let us move onto the title of this here post, shall we?

So my aunt that lives in San Diego (my closest relative!) is going to come see me and my apartment on Thursday and then I’m going to go back down to her house for the weekend! Anyway my apartment is a HOT MESS. Since having the floater here and then just getting into the final weeks of this quarter of school I’ve been wild and just tossing stuff everywhere. I mean let us just take a little looksy:


I mean….just got a cute look. I’m glad I don’t really ever have anyone over! Not that I would let them in! It’s weird because I’m actually super OCD about cleaning but my other OCD issues have prevented me from cleaning when the floater was here and then I just got so busy. downsized_0120131114

It’s sick. My mother would be appalled if she saw my apartment. However, she is 2000 miles away and hasn’t yet. My aunt will actually be the first person to see it now that it’s kind of getting put together. My friends really haven’t even been over – oh well though. The parking here sucks anyway! downsized_0120131114a

I mean, just an explosion of school stuff and other junk. Also my building has its washers and dryers in the basement and it’s coin operated. Well, ok cool, but I pay with my debit/credit card for everything so I never have quarters! Makes it a little hard to regularly be able to do my laundry. I think I’m going to ask my aunt to get a roll or two of quarters for me from her bank because that’s the other issue; my bank isn’t here so the other ones won’t cash me out any quarters. Awesome! Even if I handed them the bill they wouldn’t change it into coins for me. Why? No idea my friend.downsized_0120131115


Tomorrow after I get back from going into school to work on all my stuff since I will be gone all next weekend I plan on doing a major clean fest! I won’t really have time this week to clean like I need to so the next two days will be crazy with cleaning. One thing I have noticed with living here is how damn dusty everything gets! I think it just comes in through the windows since they are always open. I did a little experiment and I found that if I keep the blinds closed it doesn’t get as bad but that also means that I literally live in a cave. So it’s either: 1.) less dust and darkness or 2.) light and dusty as hell. Which would you pick?


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