March Madness.

Welcome to March! So for this month I’ve decided that I’m going to do something from Pinterest every day. Or at least attempt to! Anyway I just decided right now and since day 1 of March is over we’ll just say that this is my jumping off point! I’m thinking it’s similar to the 30 Day Challenge but I’ve started that once before and it never really worked out. I’m really going to give it a shot this time so hopefully it all works out!

I’ll post a little something later in the day when I actually wake up and start the day! Also GREAT NEWS: THE FLOATER IS LEAVING! Yes, she finally found an apartment so this is the end of this hell! I’m so happy! I told all my friends I plan on walking around my house butt ass naked as soon as she is out of here…..LOLOLOLOLOL! Good night!


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