March Madness: 1

Today I made some glittery jars to hold all my junk in my bathroom. I’m working on getting my apartment finally all decorated up and looking like some actually lives here and not a place that was abandoned after a death. 0.0 Ya feel me? Anyway, so now that The Floater has left I could finally do some stuff! I started by finally cleaning my bathroom. I felt really weird cleaning while she was here for some reason so it was about 6 weeks of nasty in there. It’s sparkling like a diamond now though! I’m going for a Hello Kitty theme in there so I have some stuff coming from Amazon and other sites that I trolled for weeks looking for cute Hello Kitty stuff to put in there. I’ll post pictures when I’m all done! Moving on:

I started saving sauce jars knowing that I would use them for something and today I finally did! I grabbed out all my crafting junk, put a piece  of cardboard on the floor, blarred some “Fresh 40” radio, and set off.



I started painting some Modge Podge on the jars in sections to stick the glitter too (derp.). I’m seriously obsessed with this stuff! It literally works for everything! I apply mine with a paintbrush so it goes on all smoothidy smooth. Just make sure you wash the paintbrush out right after before the glue dries (again, derp.).



I did it in sections because I didn’t want the Podge to dry at all by the time I got to the other side and then started putting glitter on. I wanted these things to sparkle with as much glitter as possible! I poured it on and it was a shimmering mess. I loved it though!



I finished the first one and then started on the next one. I wanted to put another coat of the Modge Podge on but then realized that I have the matte kind not the kind that dries clear so it would have toned down the glitter and I’m not about that! I would probably seal it with something just so the glitter doesn’t flake off everywhere. I did some other junk for a little while, while they dried and then filled with up with some q-tips (weird but they are pink so I thought they were cute) and took some tissues out of the ugly Vons box and put them in the other one – works just like the box. You just pull one out and they flow out nicely!


You can add some ribbon, etc. to them too if you so want. I think I like them like this for now since I have so much else going on in my bathroom I don’t want to get to crazy. I also left the lids off, which you can decorate and put back on if that suits you!


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