Yep, Again.

So instead of doing homework yesterday like I should have been Shawn, Emily, and I went to Disneyland AGAIN. Yes, I did just go last week. And, yes, I did just go on Wednesday also. When you have an annual pass that’s what you need to do! I mean, my pass has already paid for itself and them some so we’re good. It’s just so magical! Yesterday was the first day that I saw the fireworks show and I’m not sure what is wrong with me but just the sound of Julie Andrews voice and her telling me that dreams come true 1.) crying like an infant and 2.) I’m totally set to get all my homework done now! It was really cool and I desperately want to be the Tinkerbell that flies in the show across the castle while the fireworks are going! We also stopped for Shamrock Shakes before we went. They are my most favorite thing ever and I wait every year for them!

65573_10151723727448835_1904977288_nThe other thing we did yesterday that was a first for me was going on Radiator Sprints in Carsland. I had never been on it yet because the line was always millions of years long and yesterday it was only 90 minutes. Which is sick in real life but in Disney life it’s not that bad at all! Especially for Carsland!

21755_10200769149456248_2121665460_nWhile we were waiting in line though they had some “technical difficulties” and we decided to just tough it out and wait to see what happens. Tons of people left and a bit later they opened back up the ride and we were at the front! HAHAHAHAHA SUCKERS! It’s was really fun and the animatronics on that ride are SIIIICK! So awesome!






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