Valentine Packages!

Yes, I know Valentine’s Day was a week ago but I finally got around the not being so loungy (I prefer this to lazy, it sounds better!) and decided to post a little something. Nothing big is going on right now. The floater is still here, this Sunday makes a month. Jesus lord, someone give me some ideas as to what to do. I’ve even straight up said, “You need to leave.” and I don’t know what happens but she still is just here. So…shoot me? I don’t know. I have a lot of stuff that I want to do and for some reason I can’t do it while she is here. I can’t even clean while she is here it just feels weird. My house hasn’t been cleaned in a month – yeah, that’s nice. I used to clean every Sunday and now…nooooope. Anyway back to what I got in the mail from my family back home!


I got this box from my aunt! There were a new set of towls in there – PINK!! So cute! She gave me my first ones when I originally came to Los Angeles and now they are just getting old. Anyone ever have towls that get a weird bleach spots on them but you never used bleach on them? Yeah, that happened with mine. Also in the box was a cute Hello Kitty cup (LOVE IT!), some circus cookies which I am obsessed with, and some heart shaped pasta. She sends me the best gifts!


I got this little candy from my mommy! She and my grandmother put money in my bank account back home so they sent me cute little cards too. There were little chocolate hearts in the princess box from my mom but I ate them right away. What? They were gooood!


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