Lazy Day!

Wow, I’ve done literally, NOTHING today. Emily and I went to Disneyland last night – now that I am an annual pass holder I plan on going quite often. I love that place so much, it’s sick. I don’t have school on Monday since it is President’s Day so I decided that I wasn’t getting out of my bed today for anything. And, I didn’t! I needed an overly lazy day. Not that this quarter is killing me like last quarter but I mean, whatever I needed it. I watched “Face Off” all day and some “Life of Ryan” – even 3 years later I’m still in love. I wasn’t going to do any homework but I was on Pinterest all day too and got kind of creative so I worked on some childrens designs for my final project. In my Creative Design Analysis class we get to work on the final all quarter which is nice and super low stress. I’m doing a childrens like with a Candyland theme, dying right? I know me too and my teacher!  Anyway, the first little group I opted for beachwear, here are some of what I’ve come up with so far:



I have some more done but I’ll probably finish it all off tomorrow and start on the illustrations. I’m taking today overly easy and being lazy to the bone!

P.S. the floater is still here. This Sunday will make 3 weeks. I mean…..GET. REAL.


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