Pierced :)

So the Wednesday after school Shawn and I decided to troll Hollywood and Highlands because we get a little wild at the end of the week and like to blow off some steam. We go to all the shops, look around, die over everyone because they are all insane, eat, and then mosey on back to downtown. However, this time we walked past the tattoo shop that is there and as we went past Shawn was like, “Get something pierced!!!” LOLOLOLOLOL. Ok, so we went into H&M, found nothing but Shawn got that headband he is wearing in the picture! And on the way back over to the other side of the street I was like….LETS DO IT. Walked in, 10 minutes later walked out with this little gem:563709_10151689569668835_736480334_n

It was so spur of the moment that when I got home I was like “WHAT DID I JUST DO?!?!?” But I love it now and am really happen with it. My mother will most likely kill me but whatever. It’s just how I live – waaayyy to spontaneously sometimes!


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