It’s getting worse….

The “floater” (as I have begun to call her) is still here. We are working towards the better part of almost two weeks and it’s getting a little insane. I’m sorry that you suck at life and can’t get your life together but lets be real. There has been more than one occasion that she has just helped herself to my food, used my stuff, etc. It’s getting a little old. And, here I am just trying to study for some quizes that I have coming up (in Western Art, aka a history class so….no thanks) and she is just watching TV on her laptop with the volumn blasting – GET SOME MOTHERFUCKING HEADPHONES! I have been staying at my friends house until close to 1:00 a.m the last couple of nights because I just don’t want to deal with it anymore. In no walk of life would I ever be able to take advantage of someone like this. No way would I just free load on someone’s floor for more than a night. No way would I just go into someone’s food and eat it – even if they said I could, which I didn’t. No way would I be loud all freaking day and not give a single shit.

But at the same time I for some reason can’t bring myself to say anything. We haven’t spoken since last night and it’s like ladeeda, no big deal. YOU DON’T LIVE HERE. Stop acting like it’s your house. I told her my cousins from San Diego are coming to stay with my starting next Thursday until Sunday so she has to be out by then. However, that is another week away. So if she stays until then it would have  been 2 weeks and 3 days. I cannot handle myself.

P.s. 100th post! Kind of sick that this is what it was of but whatever.


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