What a morning.

Welcome to February!

I woke up to find out that my building has been sold and my building manager is now my FORMER building manager. Noooope. Not good, we kind of had some arangements that I fear will no longer be in my favor now that she is leaving. And, she was just really nice. The first thing that popped into my head was, “Omg, what if no one takes over the building and it all just goes to hell?” followed by, “What if they raise my rent!?” and then, “What the fuck is going on with my life?!?!” Then I promptly fell back asleep. It was honestly, all way to much drama for the morning.

And, I woke up with my bed in shambles. my sheets were off my mattress completely on the one corner. I’m not sure what happens at night but I sleep really hard apparently. Do you ever do that? Sleep so hard that it hurts when you wake up? I do it a lot.


Anywho, please just look at my refrigerator:


I mean….this is tragic. I made a Vons delivery for today because I simply can’t handle living like this anymore. However, I’m a little worried that the girl staying with me will now think she can just rummage through my food. HELL NOOOO!!! I mean if I make dinner, sure eat some too. But don’t you dare get in my snacks!

This whole staying with me is getting old and really needs to end now. “A couple of days.” is up, goodbye.

P.S. the “a” on my keyboard isn’t working so I have to jam on it really hard. We will need to rectify this situation. Here is what it would look like if I didn’t hit it hard:

P.S. the “a” on my keyboard isn’t working so I have to jam……..

That little bitch. Sure, as soon as I try to type without making it work it works like a gem.


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