So here is what has been going on:

Last Saturday night one of the girls I used to live with before I moved and before she went back home because she could pay to live in the student housing situation texted me. We texted back and forth a bit and then we finally got to the point of the conversation: she wanted to know if she could stay with me for a couple days because she was coming back down to LA  to start school again and didn’t have an apartment yet. Mind you we had started school almost 3 weeks ago and the final day to add a class had already passed. I said sure and asked when she would be coming, thinking it would be closer to next quarter and she was just planning ahead. NOPE. She would be arriving THE NEXT DAY. Like, who buys a plane ticket without having a concrete place to stay? Anywho, she gets here and we are talking and I come to find out she has NO, none, nada, zilch potential apartments lined up. Ummm…no. I moved to get out of the roommate situation. P.S. I also live in a studio. Goodbye.

Fast forward to Monday when she comes into downtown with me because I have school and she is going to talk to her counselor about getting her classes and to look at some of the apartments we found online. At the end of the day when I’m done with school she tells me that she can’t start school this quarter turns out. DERRRRRP. I knew that from the get go. I assumed that this meant she would go back home. Nope, she’s staying. Cool, dude. The apartment hunt goes into overdrive now. I find her multiple places and she goes to check them all out. I’m pretty sure she has it narrowed down and has made up her mind as to where she wants to live but she is still sleeping on my floor. And, they are hardwood.

Now I’m not one to kick people out but come on! This is the biggest cluster fuck I’ve ever been part of. And, not to mention the whole thing is kind of rubbing me the wrong way. Like for instance: Not that I would ever accept it but there wasn’t even an OFFER for rent/utility money. Maybe I’m weird but I would be paying or doing something to reinburse the person I was staying with. Also, she isn’t moving overly fast at finding a place – I would have had a place before I came down here but that’s just me. AND, when I found out I wasn’t going to be in school my ass would be back on a plane home! Actually, scratch that I wouldn’t have come down here at all unless I was 19383763498230% sure I was going to be able to add classes still.

I also only have one key to my apartment/building. So it’s either she stays here ALL day, she comes with me, or I leave my keys with her and she just has to be here to let me in when I get home. Apparently that isn’t something she gets because we’ve had multiple little issues with her choosing one of the options. I’m sorry but this is MY apartment the fact that I’m even giving you an option is kind of a lot. Rent is due today and who is the one signing that check? Oh yeah, ME.

That’s all 🙂


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