Boxes From Home!

My mother sent me some more of my stuff from home! While I was there for Christmas break I went through a lot of stuff – got rid of 10 garbage bags full of junk! It’s weird to think that I for some reason thought I needed to keep every toy I’ve ever received in my life time. Like let’s be real am I really ever going to play with any of them ever again? Noooope. I don’t have much stuff in Iowa anymore which is odd to think about but I live in L.A. now so it’s kind of cool too. It’s finally feeling like I’m supposed to be here because I have all my stuff and finally have my own apartment that I can do whatever I want with! Anyway back to the point, I got 2 boxes!



They actually came yesterday but I had a lot going on so I didn’t bust into them until today! It was weird because I got a notification that they would be here between 1:15-5:00 then I got another one that said 2:15-6:00…..they arrived at 12:00. Honestly UPS: GET IT TOGETHER! They got here so I guess that’s all that matters.

downsized_0118131453Looks like fun, no? Most of the stuff I packed myself but there were a few odds and ends that my mom put in there for me! She’s great :]

downsized_0118131500Piggy bank and a cute little jewelry box that I’ve had forever. This little pig totally beats the old jar I had been using to house all my loose change. It’s amazing how much money you can end up with if you save your change. When I first moved to L.A. my mom took my change (from this here pig!) in to the bank for me and I had $50+. I don’t really remember what I spent it on but I’m sure it was something dumb!

downsized_0118131534My dress form! Couture designs will be worn all the time now! I’m glad that I have one of these babies that isn’t in a model size. Let’s be real – I sure as shit am not getting in those clothes! I actually got this from my high school sewing teacher. I was visiting her and she asked me if I wanted to “store it for her.” Long story short: this little beaut is now being stored in California with no hope of going back to Iowa. Hahahaha – I loved her as a teacher!

downsized_0118131501And this little gem is called a “Nessie.” It is a bendy, red, fuzzy light! It has a bunch of different setting and is plain white light, colored, or blinks colored lights. My cousin got it for me for Christmas a couple years ago. By far the coolest thing I own!

In other news I’ve had all my classes thus far for the quarter and I think everything is going to be wonderful. I’m seeing much less stress in my future, nothing like last quarter that’s for sure! THANK GOD! I’m also putting the final touches on my Debut entry. Ok that’s a lie I’m still heavily working on it but whatever – it’s not due until Tuesday and there is no school on Monday so I don’t think there will be a problem finishing it.






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