Wednesday Shawn, Emily, and I went to Disneyland! Both of them are annual passholders and since I’ve never been there before (I got a “1st Visit” pin!!!) and we start our new quarter tomorrow we opted to go to Disneyland to celebrate us all being back and starting school. I honestly died the moment I stepped into the place – I couldn’t handle it and nearly cried more than once. There were a whole bunch of people waving at us and they all had Mickey gloves on. Oh! First thing we saw when we walked in was Mickey!! Shawn told me he had been waiting YEARS to see Mickey and get a picture with him , I got a photo with him the first time. LULLZZ!!!


Anyway then we started riding all the rides and there actually wasn’t very many people there at all so they went super fast. I think the longest line we had to wait in was like 10 minutes. We didn’t get to go to Cars Land though because that was just a chaos and we didn’t want to even venture into that 135 min. wait. Shawn bought me these cute little pink Minnie ears for Christmas! I LOVE THEM!!! Anyway – Disneyland is the cat’s meow and I’m pretty sure I will obtain a pass so I can go all the time! EVERYONE GET ONE!!!




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