Where is the air?

So I’m finally back in L.A. and I have had nothing but problems! First I had no food and had to wait for Vons to deliver the next day so the first whole night/morning and into the afternoon I was starving! Next my bank statement came through and I spent so much money at home it’s sick. I have to go request my next overage check like NOW otherwise I’m not sure who is paying my rent this month! OOPS! Followed by UPS leaving me a little reminder that they couldn’t just leave my router by the door because I needed to sign for it.


Well Super Shuttle took 1000 years getting me home and I missed the delivery. So that means that I had no internet for another night even though I should have been able to activate it Tuesday night because they weren’t going to try again until Wednesday – again I wasn’t going to be home all day! However, I arrived home Wednesday night and thankfully the box was waiting at my door even though they said I needed to sign for it….shady characters!

downsized_0110131121But I have internet in my apartment now! WOOOOO!!!! It took me a while to set it up because I’m not really one for reading directions and tend to think I know everything and didn’t use one of their little jack thingies. Anyway after 2 failed attempts and me being really tired I read the directions and turns out I did need a jack thingie even though I don’t have a land line – honestly though, who still has those?!? All in all this girl finally has some internet!


Then I noticed that the air bed that I have been using for temporary sleeping purposes has a leak in it and all the air just passes right on out while I’m trying to sleep! It’s supposed to be around a foot or so elevated off the ground. Yeah not so much anymore! Both layers should be super inflated – clearly they are not.




P.S. don’t mind the state of the bedding that’s what happens when I try to get out of it because it’s so deflated and wobbly when I try to stand up. It’s to the point that I have to roll off onto the floor and then stand up! I’ve only slept on it like 18 times and this is what it has become! My mom ordered it for me from Wal-Mart.com and I just read through the reviews (it’s the Intex Elevated Airbed with Pump) and apparently this is common that it gets little holes in the SAME spot for each person that I got on mine. It really was a nice bed when it worked but now it’s just a piece of junk! Even when I do patch it the air still manages to come through!



Let’s be real – I used nearly a whole roll of tape and some rubber cement to patch the tiniest hole and it still flows like the Mississippi! Now I realize that it was around $50 and you DO get what you pay for, but seriously? Not even a month?!?!? That’s crazy! However, I found some pretty good deals on REAL beds and my mom called and laid down the law with Wal-Mart – they will be accepting my return even though I don’t have the original packaging!


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