I’m Alive! I’m Alive!

WOW! It’s seriously been nearly a month since I last posted anything. It’s great to see that people are still reading my blog though! Thank you everyone! A lot of stuff has gone on since I last posted like;

My 4th quarter finally ended! It was probably the worst quarter of my life and I’m so happy it’s over. The teachers were awful, the work load was insane, and the school in general is really getting on my nerves! I got all my grades and it’s the best I’ve done since I’ve been there which is….interesting. I had to refresh the page like 10 times just to make sure I was reading the grades right and there wasn’t a mistake! Final dress for Draping II and my final sketch for Creative Design Applications:




The second major thing that happened is that I finally moved into my own apartment! I moved in on Dec. 1st and had no internet (and won’t until I get back) which is why I couldn’t post at all! It was really annoying and frustrating not having internet. You never really realize how much you need it until you have to go 17 days without it. I had to stay at my old apartment one of the nights because we had to register for school at 6:00 A.M. and with no internet at home that was going to make it a little tricky! Here are a couple pictures of what it looks like:


downsized_1216122005c downsized_1217120553


Next thing is that I finally got to come home! Which is where I am now. After being away for a year it was really nice to get to come home and see everyone. It snowed like crazy the second day I was here which I was dying over – I LOVE SNOW! My mom was just happy that I made it here before all the snow. I’ll be here until Jan. 7th so I have about 2 more weeks here before I go back to L.A. I miss it a little but I’m sure once I get back and have to start school again I’m not going to miss it that much at all again!


brosisMy brother and I! This was the night of my birthday – I turned 21 on the 21st! Glad we all didn’t die! I don’t really feel any older and it truly annoys me that people ask that every year. But anyway, I had a birthday with my family and then we went out. The bars here are really just nasty and not overly fun. It is nice to finally have a place to go to hang out at but it could be a little cleaner. That’s just me though!



My mother and I on my birthday! I had a princessy, rainbow cake that was so cute I loved it! And, it was really huge but I got all the candles out in one breath – I just had to stand up to get them all!



ANNNNDDDD finally it was just Christmas! I love Christmas time and all the decorations and what not. I’m really happy there was snow this year since last year there was none – which was  dumb. I played in it a little the first night it was snowing!





I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!!



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