Thanksgiving & Black Friday

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I just stayed here in my apartment and had a little dinner with my roommates:

(Don’t worry – the turkey WAS done! The lighting in our dining room just makes everything look kinda pink. We were freaking out too!!)

It was tasty and as per usual we ate way to much and we were dying the whole time. Before/After:


We were dying and literally couldn’t move……for 10 minutes then we wanted pie! We lounged and the planned out our Black Friday shopping! We went to Target and since they opened at 9:00 that night it wasn’t that bad when we got there at 12:00. I simply cannot Black Friday shop until it’s actually Friday – the stores are taking all the fun out of it when they open this early! My theory is: It was more fun before when they wouldn’t open until 3-4:00 because all the drunk/stupid younger people would go home and pass out and not wake back up in time. Now they go straight from their dinner and go out. ANNOYING! I hate people that go out “just to watch.” It’s people like you who get in the way and make it such a cluster fuck! It was a lot different here than it is at home – I go every year! – here they had a bunch of police cars lined up outside ready to go. Precaution I suppose!

Anyway – I’m going to sign my lease for my new apartment today! I got the one I wanted and will be moving in on Dec. 1st! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYYYY!!! I can’t wait! I have been pining like a fool lately and can’t wait to get it all decorated and cute!


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