FIDM Status

Ok kiddos lets be real, being a FIDM student is no joke. This quarter is beating my ass. I know I’ve been saying that a lot lately but for real it’s killing me. There is so much work and this year the tuition has increases which also sucks. I’m moving soon too! I’m just waiting for my overage check to come in the mail – another thing the school is kicking me on. I had it sent home on Halloween…..where is it? ARGGGHHH!!! So much homework, no fun time, no any time, no money, never eat, never sleep = life of an FIDM student.

On a lighter note this is the apartment I want:


Here is the big main room – it’s a studio! Lisa came with me so I asked her to take some pictures for me :]  I love the exposed brick wall and the wood floors!


Here it is! It’s cute huh?!?!? That box in the corner is the heater thing. Let’s be real though, it’s California and I’m from Iowa….I won’t be using a heater…EVER.


This is the little vanity room! It’s my most favorite part of the whole apartment!! They had just painted so that’s why the mirror is all covered up. This is a newly renovated apartment and wasn’t ready but she let me see it anyway.


Kitchen! Again, was just painted so that’s why everything was all pushed out. The refrigerator was super pushed out and it’s actually quite roomy in there.


Little bathroom :] Doesn’t have any cabinets in there which kind of sucks but I can buy some drawers or something to keep all my bathroom stuff in. I’ll have the vanity so that will be where I keep my makeup and stuff – which I love!


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