Welcome To My Life…

I’ve been so busy lately that it’s grossing me out. I honestly can’t believe how this quarter is going. Not only is the work load crazy, my teachers are insane, and I’m looking for a new apartment….I also feel like other things are changing. Ever feel like the people you surround yourself with are actually different from what you see? Believe my children, it happens a lot. L.A. has changed me a lot – I’ll be the first to admit that when I go home (in 43 days!!!) I will most likely get annoyed/be annoying to people there just because my life is so different now. I’m so excited to go home! I can finally be at home with my family and not have to worry about living up to all these Californian asshole’s standards.

I think that’s one of the biggest problems with moving to a new place. Everyone puts on a face because they want friends. Admit it: you’ve done it! I have! I just get grossed out when I actually act how I am all the way through and then the person/people you really like act different and you’re like, “Who the fuck are you?!” Perhaps I’m meant to be a hermit – everyone just annoys me. I also am not a fan of people who feel the need to respond to your questions in a retarded way or get annoyed with you for asking them a question. Calm your shit down my friend! People here are ridiculous  Whether they are natives or not: FIDM students suck. All the way around. Maybe I’d have a 4.0 GPA if I wouldn’t have cared about meeting people. This one girl told me that she didn’t need friends here because she had friends at home so she wasn’t going to make any here. Thought she was crazy maybe she wasn’t…..? Don’t you think it’s weird when you think you vibe so while with someone and in a day you can be like, “No.” Happens/ed here a lot.

Anyway – just a little something for today. Back to all my damn homework. Thank the lord we have next Monday off and then the next week we have Thursday and Friday off. We’re in week 6 already so only 4-5 more to go!


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