Hello Lady :)

Told you I was going to be busy! I honestly have no stopped running around, doing homework, working on other junk, cleaning, looking for apartments, and trying to sleep a bit here and there since this quarter started. However, we’re already onto week 6 so that’s GREAT and there are some days off coming up! HALLELUJAH!

Here are some pictures from Halloween:

Shawn and I were Greek Goddesses and Lisa was a peacock – we wore them to our night class and everyone loved them! We were some of the only people dresses up but whatever, this city is no fun! Chipotle had a $2 sale on burritos for every person that wore a costume so we totally took that offer – I LOVE CHIPOTLE!

What else? Oh, I told my mom about my tattoo…didn’t care at all. Cool? I think so! I finally finished the drape and pattern for that silly white, bonsai inspired dress for draping and got a pretty good grade on it thankfully! I didn’t have to change my design which I was happy about – a lot of people did because making the pattern for their original drape just wasn’t going to happen!


I’ve been working on all my homework for this week today. Here is the breakdown:

Draping: Vocab, find images, sketch, sew bustier foundation, and watch video

Creative Design: 10/12 piece group of casual sportswear, 2 colorways, 2 illustrations, and merch plan

Patterning: pattern splice dress, sew muslin sample of dress

Grading: grade waistband and pant

CADII: make 6 colorways

HAYYYY! Still want to maybe come to FIDM and be a fashion design major?


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