Style Sunday: Dip Dyed Hair

ATTENTION: I have started school and it appears like this quarter is going to be the worst of all…. :[ With that being said let us move on:

So last week I did a blog about ombre hair and left a little nugget at the bottom about dip dyed hair. I honestly think it’s just stupid. I don’t like the look of it and think it’s….just dumb. The difference is that dip dyed hair is just the tips in a different color and ombre hair is when it fades up/down into the natural color of the hair. Don’t get it twisted, kids!


Don’t even try to tell me this is cute. It’s just nasty! I’ve never like this and just thought it was the lamest thing in the world. It just makes you look like you have really, really, really bad regrowth and have neglected your salon chair for waaaaay to long.





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