Style Sunday: Ombre Hair

I can say that I am the queen of colored hair. I’ve honestly had every color in the world at some point (sometimes it wasn’t intentional!) and all kinds of combinations! Which also means I’ve dealt with regrowth and roots. However, I am here to tell you that because you are naturally a brunette and your dyed blonde hair has grown out that is not ombre! That is nasty roots! I love when people have the ombre look – I do not like when people have roots and try to pass it off as ombre.

This is some ombre hair! Ya see how it kind of just fades into the lighter color and looks GREAT?!? Yes, that’s what you want. However, love me some SJP just l.h.m. she is kind of unfortunate looking! But back to the hair…..


CiCi what are you doing?! This is not ombre hair this is sick! If you have a solid line around your head that looks like you put a bowl on top and then took the tint brush and applied bleach in a straight line around your dome… need help. That’s also how you can tell if it’s regrowth or not. Ombre hair should just blend in and out and look almost natural but it’s rare that hair grows like that but hey you can try! I’ve dealt with regrowth that is darker than the dyed color. I know it’s a bitch but honestly! You need to handle it and stop trying to pass it off as a hair style that when executed well is AMAZING!


Demi is killing the game but I also have a strong love for her! *Give your heart a break! Lemme give your heart a break! Oh yeah yeahhhhh!* 0.0 LOVE THAT SONG!!


Not sure who this is……or where her shirt is. But I just want her hair in general! It’s so beautiful!!! I even love when people do colors as the ombre instead of just sticking to basic dark with blonde ends! Here are some good pictures I found while surfing around:


ANNNND…this is a great video that I found on Youtube. She does a really good job of walking you through everything, at lease the way she does it, and the result (at least on her head) looks good! I feel like if the girl/guy in the video looks like a fool the tutorial can’t be that good…am I right or am I right? However, she does go on for a while in the begining about how bad professional hairdressers are and blah blah blah. I hate when people refuse to go to a hairdresser because they don’t “trust”them. Like, are you joking? But anywayyy:

Also dip dyed vs. ombre….get real there is no comparison. But we will save that for another day :]




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