Side Note: it looks like all my posts that I had scheduled for the rest of my Hawaii trip didn’t save :[ Oh well, let’s just finish the series saying it was GREAT! Moving on….

I had my first couple of classes for the quarter this week. Seems like it’s going to be fine! Let’s begin with a breakdown:

Wednesday: Patterning Drafting Procedures

In this intermediate course in flat pattern drafting, students interpret sketches in order to design clothing accurately. They produce complete garments, with emphasis on fit, as well as pattern charts and cost sheets. Includes a three (3) hour studio.

Thursday: DAY OFF!!

Friday: Computer Grading, Marking, and Cutting

This course introduces students to the principles of pattern grading, including manual techniques of chart and stack grading. The course uses Gerber Technology’s computerized digitizing, grading, and marker-making system. Industry spreading and cutting techniques are demonstrated.

^^Twas my homework for this week. Yup, I sure did draw in all those little lines :] You used one pattern piece then take a ruler grid thing and move the piece all over to get the new size…..there were 7 sizes… -_-

– and –

Computer Aided Fashion Design II

Development of creative design ideas utilizing a multimedia computer as a tool. Hands-on experience in digitally manipulating fabric prints and scanned artwork.


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