Hawaii: Tuesday

On Tuesday we started off by going to the beach! It was really fun, however they had to put up signs that said the break was really hard and somewhat dangerous…..we went in anyway.


At one point there was a turtle in the waves (they swim right along next to you!) and it was just about the break, Emily and I were sure this turtle was going to plow right into us but we were good! It was really fun being in the ocean in Hawaii because there is so much salt in the water that you just float and there were a lot of locals there so I liked listening to them talk! The Hawaiians are somewhat crazy but hey perhaps that’s why I love them so much!


So after the beach we went jet skiing! We had to fill out some paperwork while we waited for the guy who was working the place to come back and get us. His name was Mike and he was the coolest guy ever!


First of all, please look at how blue the water is! Anyway, he took us out on his boat to this little floating island thing that was really cute and all decorated up and he got us life jackets and the works. He gave us the usual safety briefing and then pushed Emily out. I however had to stay a little longer and got an extra talking to that went a little something like this, “Now I can tell you’re kind of a bad ass and while I want you to have fun I also don’t want you to get hurt so be a little careful ok?” LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLLL!!! I was laughing so hard! Honestly it was the best time of my life! I love riding jet skis! We went for a whole hour which he says usually people can’t handle and they only go for half an hour. We handled it well though!


After that we were starving so we went to this cool restaurant for lunch. Got some pizza and had the pleasure of dealing with the local mongoose wildlife…..yeah, I don’t do rodents. The food was really good though! Tuesday was a really awesome day and after eating we just ventured home, went in the pool, and then passed away for the night!


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