Style Sunday: Sheer Tops

I’m on the fence about this one. I love the idea of the sheer top because I love to layer clothes and I think they give you a whole other layer to play with!

But then there is the bad side: when it gets to slutty! I know it is sheer but there is a way to do it tastefully! There are many situations when people tell us the dress professionally and girls show up with a sheer top on and a bra sticking out underneath. Like, come one ladies! No!

I think the biggest thing is I like it better/think it looks better when the girl wears a bandeau with the sheer top instead of just a straight up bra. It just looks a little classier to me.

These are some that I found while doing a search that I just loved :]

I love the floral print one and the super bright colors that these come in! These are great for every body type too because they cover you but still let a little something something show!

I found this great little post while searching for some pictures to use and just decided to link to it because it says basically everything I would have said! Take a little read:

How To Wear the Sheer Top Trend!


One thought on “Style Sunday: Sheer Tops

  1. I personally like the sheer top trend, though I do think that all the rules that apply with regualr tops still apply to the sheer ones (which is why Zoe Saldana was in the wrong-why would she even think that could be right?). That being said, I think that the sheer top isn’t a look that every person can pull off flawlessly. Like you said, it looks really great with the bandeau and the bandeau was not made for every body type. That makes it a bit difficult for some people to maintain the chic look of the top. Then again, it can always be worn with a tank top.


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