Style Sunday: Studs

Please tell me that everyone you know is in love with the studded trend that has taken over and I pray will never leave! I love the idea of adding little metal studs to a garment and it totally changes it! I have a few garments that I want to get the screw back studs and update/decorate the clothes with. I think they are so great! When they first started coming back I was a little worried about looking to Lady Gaga (even though I love her!) when wearing them, over even to 80s (even though I also love that time) to really rock them. But, now it seems that the studs that are truly on trend are the smaller, rounder ones. They are also a lot less dangerous!

They can make anything look punk and sexy while still looking classy and elegant. I think studs are a great thing to add to any piece of clothing. I especially am in love with the collared shirts that have the studs just on the collar ends. I think they are the best looking collars for miles! Even more good looking when a guy is the one wearing the shirt!!

H & M always seems to come up in my life! I love that store! But back to the studs: the diy of the studs is great too. I am currently a student trying to live in downtown L.A. I am all about saving some money. If I can update a piece of clothing that I no longer want to wear instead of buying a new piece just by adding some little studs, you better believe I am going to do it! I found this video tutorial the other day while trolling youtube and found it to be the best one!

P.S. I’m leaving for Hawaii tomorrow morning at 3:35 A.M. (we have to be to LAX….omg!) and I will be gone for about a week. I have some posted scheduled for everyone to read and I will give a full update with tons of pictures when I get back!


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