Hawaii Dress!

Remember when I said I wanted to make a new dress from the fabric I had found under my bed for a little something to wear in Hawaii? Well, I finished it!

I got it from the FIDM Scholarship Store for $1 a yard because I’m a student. Why I don’t shop there more is beyond me! Anywho, I looked on Pinterest for some dressed that I might like and I found a couple maxi dresses that I liked the look of. I knew I wanted it to be a maxi dress because the fabric spoke to me and told me that’s the way it needed to be! (It does happen, I swear!)

Sorry for the janky picture, I was home alone! I’m going to put all the stuff I’ve made on dress forms and take good pictures of it….when I get downstairs and do it! I’m also thinking about making a little tutorial on how to make the dress since I honestly made it in like 20 minutes from the scratch, no pattern, nothing! What do you think?

I wore the dress out last night when I went to dinner with some friends and everyone loved it. I added the belt so that it didn’t look like just a big sack on me. I really need to invest in a wide belt – there are so many times when I think, “Ooooo a wide belt would be perfect….but I don’t have one.”


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