I am finally done with school for a couple weeks! I was actually done yesterday but I spent it sleeping because I was seriously about the die from being so tired. Going to FIDM takes a lot of out of you – there are so many projects, plus the book work, plus the whole “I go to fashion school so I have to look killer every morning” thing (there are no pajamas/sweat pants here, kids!), and just the fact that there are a billion other things I need to worry about all the time. Long story short: I slept like a baby all day yesterday and I don’t feel bad about it at all! I also tanned outside by the pool for a couple hours so that was really relaxing also. This is what the pool looks like at my building from my balcony:

It’s pretty wonderful, I really like having it. However, some of the buildings that I’m looking at to move into don’t have pools. But I think that chance to live by myself and finally have my own space will make up for it.

I’ve gotten most of my grades back for this quarter and I killed it! It’s the best I’ve done since I got here which is great and made my mom really happy! I liked most of the classes I had this quarter and I really think that helps a lot. If I like what I’m doing I tend to do a much better job than when I don’t like the work, but I’m sure that’s the case with everyone. I’m on the honor roll so that’s good, no? I’ve decided that I like FIDM but at the same time I seriously hate it. There is really no way to explain it – it’s just the way it is.


Also taken from my balcony. Another reason I want to move…..I always just feel like I’m never away from school! The proximity is great and I like being able to just go home between classes and being able to just run home quick if I forgot something. But I also feel like I never get to leave! Also, a lot of people feel the need to ask me to do things for them because I’m so close (i.e. “Can you go over to the annex and get me some dot paper? I don’t be able to get there in time!”) and it really annoys me. Mostly I really just want to have my own space that I can decorate up and if people want to come visit me they can and will have a clean place to stay.

I honestly have the dirtiest roommates ever. I took some pictures of our apartment and how it’s been the last like 5 months. I don’t know what to do! I try to ask them to clean, I even YELL at them to clean, and nothing really ever stays clean. Please take a look:


All of this was there for a length amount of time too. If it was finals week and it happened and then it was all cleaned up – fine, I would totally be ok with that. But since it’s been there since the beginning of LAST quarter (so about 5-6 months ago) and it never gets picked up, even though most days they just sit there and do nothing – that just doesn’t fly with me. I also just can’t believe they are completely ok with being people over when it looks like that. Today the cleaners come and I just picked everything up and threw it all away. Not a single fuck was given and just trashed it all. Hopefully they vacuum the carpet and they are going to shampoo it also (plus, we are apparently getting a new kitchen floor which is good because ours is nasty) and get everything back to looking how it was before the one girl moved down here and it really got nasty. I took a picture of her closet – mind you she is the only one that has a walk in closet (she got it when the girl she was rooming with moved out):

I have no idea how she isn’t wrinkly all the time! I am the only one with an iron and she never asks to use it! I just can’t believe this is how she is ok with living. I told my friend Shawn that I’m pretty sure she is going to grow up to live like a hoarder (we are obsessed with that show!) but because she is to lazy to throw things away not because she can’t. I am just really hoping that the apartment can stay nice for a while and not get trashed again. We are getting another new roommate for this quarter. All we know about her is that she is already a student and is Asian. However, we have no idea has to when she will be moving in!

I think that’s all for my roommate rantings for today! I’m going to write a book when it’s all said and done. It will be the craziest book in the world because these girls are insane! I want to do some sewing. I’m going to Hawaii with Emily and her family on Monday! They have s graciously invited me to go so I’m pretty excited about that. The sewing I want to do is for a dress to wear while I’m there! I’ll post pictures, etc. when I’m done with it to show it off!!!



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