Yes it’s here. Finals crunch time! I finished my sketching final yesterday (Thursday) and it was my final class. YYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! It was the one I wanted to get over the most and I’m so happy to announce that I got an A on my final so that pretty much means I got an A in class!

We were working on our in class final and my teacher just started cackling, I looked up and she was correcting mine. She ate it up! I have one final on Monday and then two on Tuesday and I’m done! I just have to sew up my dress for my patterning final. I’m working on the other final projects for Critical Thinking and Fashion Seminar today because it’s 100 degrees in L.A. today so I am staying inside ALL day! Everything is going pretty good I just want to be done. I feel like this has been the worst quarter for some reason – class, etc. have just sucked!


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