Style Sunday: Peplums

I am in love with peplums! I’ve heard a lot of people say it’s because of The Hunger Games but I’ve never seen the movie and I doubt that’s why they are popular. I think they are so classy and feminine. They give you great hips if you don’t naturally have them and if you do, you look extra curvy!

I don’t personally own anything will a peplum as of yet but I have a few sewing projects in mind that I want to add one too the skirt and kill it all day/night long! Apparently they were huge in the 40s and then again in the 80s and now they are back! They are extra girly and, like I said before, ultra flattering. Dior was the first to introduce the peplum as part of the “New Look” and as always he didn’t disappoint. Lately everything has been about the silhouette of the figure and peplums give the overall look of the body such a great feeling that they are killing the game this season and I’m sure for seasons to come!

Peplums have been playing on the edges of fashion for several seasons now, but on the spring 2012 runways rose up to have their moment. But while some designers adhered to the stiff femininity of the peplum as history has known it, others brought it well and truly forward, laying out contemporary options that see it crossing paths with other spring trends.

Peplums aren’t only on the skirts! A lot of designers are now putting them on tops, jackets, etc. and really playing with how versatile and fun they are. Using peplums on sports wear has become really popular so they can be worn by the girls that don’t want to appear super girly. Another look designers are taking on is just putting tons of fabric and folds at the waist to appear as a peplum but it’s not cookie cutter and safe – it’s more edgy and rocker looking.


They are here to stay and hopefully forever!


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