Decorations :)

So in January I’m going to be moving into an apartment that is all mine! I seriously, can’t wait and have been planning kind of what I want the place to look like. I haven’t picked a property yet but I want a studio so I kind of know the general layout and am really just looking at things to put in the space not how to arrange it – that will come later! Here are some things I’ve found that I want to order/get prints of for the walls/etc. to put in the space and finally have a “home” here in California!

RhondaK ORIGINAL Signs You Might be a Mermaid...Series written by RhondaK herself...

^^I always tell people I am a mermaid. But no one has seen it because it only happens when I go into salt water up to my neck. What? It’s a true story and I’m a kid at heart.

B&WLittle Girl

These are me as a little kid (only not really but this is basically what I looked like all the time!)

Pink Pencil Mirror

Mirror made from pink pencils. Cute, no?!?!

colorful plastic spoon mirror

Spoon mirror! I will never have plain mirrors! I’d paint them pink though ;D

uses for plastic table cloths

Pink curtains to decorate with! It’s actually a plastic table cloth- cute and easy to clean! Pinterest has the best ideas :]

Hangers in neon >> Fun detail in the closet, could paint any color! I suppose you would need to use a protective coating atop the spray paint to keep your clothing safe.

Fun little pop for in the closet!

Scrabble Coasters!

These are to cute! And, I suck at Scrabble so the little tiles will come in handy for a different use.

Cute paper chandelier

Coolest thing I’ve ever seen! However, maybe not over my bed – I’d be scared it would fall on me!

DIY Bubble Chandelier


ill make one soon

Yuup. Will be doing this. I’ll just replace them if/when I leave. If I get the place looking this great I will never leave!

Crepe flowers on a styrofoam ball, lots of cute stuff to do with is

Decorate the table with these cute flower balls! Or, anything really!

Tulle bedskirt

I’d do this on all furniture! Not just my bed!

What may appear at first glance to be an unconventional armoire is actually a set of bookcases attached along one side. Opened, it's a compact, self-contained innovative crafts or office nook. Closed, it's far more decorative than any tidied-up desk, without the slightest hint of its contents.

Two bookcases made into a little vanity! I want to get two (from a thrift store of course) and paint them up cute and then make it into a little vanity to get ready at/put all my accessories in. It would be to cute for words!

Can totally make this using an Ikea book shelf, an Ikea lazy susan, a cork board and a mirror!  Great for kids rooms!

Such a good idea! Revolving storage – will be great for my tiny home to save room and keep things off the floor.

one day... :)

A little princess dog maybe? LOLLLZ! My mother would shoot me – maybe she will just be made into a big print and hung on the wall but she is soooo cute!

"These wire baskets are meant to hold manila folders. But screw them to your closet door (or a wall) and they become cute catchalls for all those awkward accessories like scarves, tights and clutches."

Such a good idea! Again – paint them pink!


So cool looking! And would hold a bunch of stuff. I also really hate having things on the floor so cool shelving like this is great and would work well for me!


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