These are some pictures that I want my potential house to have. Even though some of the might not happen I promise you many will. Can you imagine a house like this?! I will probably end up alone for the rest of my life because it would be to much for a poor man to handle but oh well! I’d LOVE it :]

I love the decorative iron balcony and the designs around the windows paired with the pink color 2 Story Master Closet (beautiful)Turn an old bunk bed into a star gazing treehouse... (or a tanning deck). This looks like so much funpink stairscrazy fun chair.simple perfect detailsawesomeLOFT!What may appear at first glance to be an unconventional armoire is actually a set of bookcases attached along one side. Opened, it's a compact, self-contained innovative crafts or office nook. Closed, it's far more decorative than any tidied-up desk, without the slightest hint of its contents.getawaysequin wallupholsteryOMG!neon & pink..

Apparently I’m either going to have an all Pink house or a super natural, beachy house! Can’t wait to grow up and make my dream house!!!


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