Style Sunday: Ballerina/Sock Buns

LOVE! I’ve seen so many girls wearing their hair like this and I honestly think it is so cute! It is simple enough that it doesn’t take away from the outfit but still dramatic enough that it works with a dressed up look. The Kardashians rock it ALL the time;


I used to struggle with this so much because I couldn’t figure out how to get it perfectly round and nice like everyone else was making it look. Turns out there is a little tool  under there! Or just a sock!

(Available at Sally’s, or any other hair place I’m sure.) I usually just use a sock because I have so much hair that it looked so huge and ridiculous that I would laugh at MYSELF! And, I’m sure everyone has at least one sock that is missing it’s friend and you don’t wear anymore. This is a really good tutorial on making the sock/ballerina bun (Although at times the girl gets a big annoying.):

Looks good, no? I like to put it at the back of my neck/head too just to switch it up a bit!

I like to add scarves, headbands, etc. to my buns too just to dress it up a bit and make it even cuter. Or, I had a bow right at the bottom of the bun on the back of my head and make it super kaaawaiii!


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