Mini Food!

Why are little things always so much cuter?! I have a serious obsession with mini food jewelry and other little things like that. I think they are so cute and you can pair them with just about everything and it will look great!

You can’t tell me these aren’t the sweetest things in the world and wouldn’t make your day just a little better every time you looked in the mirror. I think when I get married I want my wedding ring to be a little cupcake or something instead of a diamond…..well…maybe the engagement ring! I still love diamonds too!!

I love the little pieces that are handmade! I think it’s amazing that people can make these little masterpieces out of clay (don’t tell me that sub necklace doesn’t look real!) and then paint them up and make them so cute. The taco earrings have my heart!! I also am in love with the gingerbread house charm – I look forward to the holidays every year to make them with my family!


Here are some of my favorite shops to buy these cute little buggers:

  • Etsy: Artwonders – great stuff! It’s all really cute and good prices considering everything is handmade :]
  • Asanea Gifts – very cute stuff!
  • Finger Food Jewelry – cute and realistic looking pieces
  • Dolly Darling – CUTEST EVER! I love everything about this shop and have the items on all sorts of my wishlists. She has a lot more than just jewelry and everything is really, really precious! I also am obsessed with reading her blog! I kind want to be her…..not in a creepy way though 0.0

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