Style Sunday: Color Blocking

I LOVE color blocking! I think this is one of the best trends ever and should stay around forever. I like when one piece is color blocked and when the outfit is two solid color pieces doing the color blocking. Putting the trend in practice right here:

Cardigan: Bon-Ton | Dress (wearing it as a skirt!): Old Navy | Shoes: Marshall’s

Bright, neon green cardigan and a bright pink skirt? For an Easter Sunday visit to my friend’s Mormon church? Only me :]

I love these looks from the runway. Especially the second one (from the left) – adding pastels to the mix is just wonderful! I really like the look of the last two looks also and would totally wear them to work if I worked in a situation that required me to wear a suit type outfit. However, I am still a student so I stick to my regular clothing!

Lovely, lovely, lovely. I just think that color blocking makes the clothing look really clean and chic while still being exciting because of the big, solid colors.

P.S. Love the new theme? I do!


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