Paper Doll :)

For my fashion seminar class we had to make a paper doll from a specific time period and then do some research on it. I (of course) chose to do a little girl from the 1950s! I sewed all her little garments on pieces of paper and then mounted them to a board.

It didn’t take me that long and I’m not sure what happened with everyone else but they can with pencil sketches and hand written labels….what? I don’t understand how someone can come to class with a project that looks like junk! I’m always dying before I get to class because I think mine looks like garbage and turns out there are many that look so much worse! I did this project in 1 day how come you couldn’t come up with something a little better than pencil drawn (not even colored in!) cut outs and a doll falling off the piece of card board you used as a stand? Seriously, get real.


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