Most annoying…

**Total bitch blog.

Came home last night after being in school all day and working on homework all night and find the idiots I live with laying in the doorway of my room. Now, I share a room with one of them but for real? Who does that? I climbed/stepped over them and made it to my bed but they stayed right where they were. It was one of the more awkward things I’ve ever dealt with.

Rules of Attending FIDM:

1.) Don’t do student housing, it’s bullshit.

2.) Roommates suck ass. All the time. No exceptions.

3.) Don’t get a rolly bag. Very practical – so stupid.

4.) Don’t stop in the middle of the hallway.

5.) Walk quickly.

6.) Don’t try to hard to be “fashionable” or have “style”

7.) If someone asks who your favorite designer is think of something more creative than “YSL.” Or at least say his whole name! (Fun Fact: He is changing it!)

8.) Visual Communications is like the Psychology of FIDM. Everyone majors in it when they can’t decide what they want to do and/or can’t hack the other majors.

9.) If you are Visual Communications…..please DO NOT call it “ViComm.” You sound like an idiot.

10.) Get ready for you life to turn into a shit show.

That’s all :]


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