I’m in Computer Aided Fashion Design this quarter and I love the class! I have it on Saturdays for 6 hours but that also means that I will be done in 5 weeks instead of 10. Which I thought was a good idea so that then when it comes time for finals I only have 4 to think about instead of 5. I plan on keeping a Saturday class each quarter I think, it’s so easy! I thought 6 hour classes were going to suck but they actually aren’t bad at all. The time flies by. I think it also helps that they are lab classes so I’m not just sitting there the whole time.

Anyway, in the class we learn how to draw clothes on the computer using Adobe Illustrator. My teach wrote the textbook we got so she is great! This is what the FIDM website has to say about the class;

Development of technical sketches utilizing Adobe Illustrator. Hands-on experience in drawing of flat technical sketch and creating accurate garment detail. Prerequisite: DESN 1550


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