Wish List!

I do a lot of internet shopping because 1.) I’m poor and can’t shop for real and 2.) it’s a fun thing to do to pass the time. Anywho, I’ve made a list of my Top 10 wanted things (in no specific order!)

New bathing suit! I think this one is really cute and it’s black and white which means it won’t fade! Plus – I’m heading to Hawaii this break with my friend Emily and I think I should go in style!

Ruffle back blazer! I want this SO bad! I love the color (they have it in black too) and just think it’s so cute. Plus all I have to wear is sweaters/cardigans, I don’t have any sort of structured jacket like this.

Sperry boatshoes! I LOVE THESE!!!! That’s all :]

I love the look of peplums! I might try and make this myself……hmmmm… Either way I will own a peplum dress/skirt soon! I think they are so cute and feminine. This dress is from H&M and they usually have really good sales! And, it has an exposed zipper in the back which is big at H&M and I also really like how that looks.

Everything. I want it all now. I am in love with this pink dress. It’s beautiful and perfect in every way. Add the zebra heels and you have a Megan outfit for sure!! Also comes in black ;]

Leopard romper! I’ve never worn a romper but I’m thinking it wouldn’t be to bad. It’s kind of like a dress but you don’t have to worry about your skirt blowing up! And, living in L.A. and walking over the subway grates this could be a great idea.

My two friends are obsessed with Kate Spade and so while shopping Century City the other day we went into the Kate Spade store and looked at the section in Bloomingdales and turns out her stuff is REALLY cute! I love her color palettes and her cute accessories. Her clothes are cute too! I saw this bag and loved in right away. It’s pink and has a bow. PERFECT.


Another Kate :] Saw this while shopping too. A simple, pink shift. So cute!


Chiffon, floral, maxi dress with a hi-low hem. Perfect for Hawaii! I want this dress!!!!…..I really want it :]


Floor plan to (hopefully) a new apartment for me. I am moving out of here soon because I just can’t do it anymore and plan on getting a studio! I’m so excited and have tons of charts/lists made up of what I want to get to furnish it and make it look really cute!



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