Style Sunday: Jeffery Campbells

Starting a new thing: Style Sundays! Ever Sunday I’m going to pick a current style, trend, whatever and blog about what I think about it. Looking forward to it? Ya should be ;]

Jeffery Campbells…..where to begin with this particular shoes – *cough* hoofs *cough.* Ever since I came to L.A. I’ve seen them everywhere, including knock offs at Santee Alley, and I think they are nasty! They seriously make you look like you have feet like a horse! There are so many different kinds too, yesterday I saw some with an American flag print….yeah, that’s a good buy. You can only wear them one day a year and not look like a fool.

These ones are REALLY ugly!^^^ They look like a nasty, old lady, carpet bag (which are sometimes cute). I can’t put together a single outfit in my closet that these would look good with!

I have actually tried this on before. I was down in Santee Alley with the girls and was like “Why not?!” I tried them on and they weren’t bad to walk in but at 5’10 to begin with I don’t need an extra high heel! They were comfortable when I tried them on but I only had them on for 3 minutes tops. Now, don’t get me wrong: I love Jeffery Campbell (the studded flats? Get real they are my life!) but these hooves just aren’t working for me. I see them everywhere I go and I almost laugh because all I can think of is this poor girl looking like a horse from the knee down. I’ve tried them on and walked (ok a lot less than) a mile in them so I’m allowed to judge šŸ˜›

Ever seen theĀ ChroniclesĀ of Narnia? Mr. Tumnus? Don’t tell me my feet don’t look just like his in this picture!


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