First Week

I have finished the first week, of my third quarter, here at FIDM. I think I’m going to do fine this quarter – I like all my classes and I think the work load will be manageable. Let’s take it day by day, shall we?

Mondays: I have my 6 hour pattern class. It is awesome! I only had one day of it so far but I honestly love it! It’s exactly what I want to be doing and I like the idea of being able to take my own measurements, make a slopper out of them (a flatted out version of a dressform on paper), and the make clothes out of them that will exactly fit my body. I wasn’t so sure about the 6 hour aspect of it but turns out they go so fast and there is so much to get through that I didn’t even notice. I got all of my homework done except for the sewing part of it which I can do in a second at home!

Tuesdays: First I have critical thinking – kind of a boring class but easy at the same time. I looks like a lot of problem solving and answering questions using a thoughtful process. Like I said, EASY! Then I have fashion seminar, we are asked to keep a journal and we are going to be developing a folio so hopefully that will be cool. Again, seems pretty easy the only thing that might be hard is the fact that we have to find a lot of pictures and they can’t be from the internet….. -_-

Wednesday: DAY OFF! Sooo….homework all day :]

Thursday: Technical Sketching seems fairly easy just a lot of work. Making the flats and the figures but I think I’ll like this a lot better than my previous sketching classes because I can do whatever I want. No more drawing women in bathing suits for 3 weeks when I want to design children’s clothing! I’ve gotten really good at doing this the day it’s assigned because if I don’t I know I’ll put it off like crazy and just never get it done.

Friday: DAY OFF! More homework….and some fun stuff!

Saturday: Computer Aided Fashion Design or CAfD for short! This class is going to be a breeze. I already know how to use the program and can crank the assignments out like crazy. Saturday classes here are six hours also but you only go for the first 5 weeks. I didn’t know if I was going to like it but I totally do now! My teacher wrote the book we use and is a trip so it makes the class fly by. I think I’m going to like the fact that when I get to final time I’ll only have 4 classes to worry about!

Sunday: SLEEP.

What a week :] Welcome to the life of a FIDM student!


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