Technical Sketching

First class was technical sketching and it wasn’t that bad! It’s just having to draw the flat garment a bunch of times and then put it on a figure. Easy :]

I had to trace 7 technical flats (front and back) and then put two of the tops on figures and style them. I finished all my work for that class yesterday and then some today. I’ve decided that I’m going to plow through my homework the day it is assigned instead of waiting so that it is done and I have all the information from the class fresh in my brain!


In other news; I’ve stopped the cleanse. It just didn’t seem like a good time and was somewhat rushed. I didn’t want to be doing it while I was going to school…..could get dangerous! But I’m going to give it another go when I’m on break again. Hopefully I will have better success with it. I did really like the lemonade drink you use so all the lemons I bought weren’t a total waste. The worst part is the Salt Water Flush – you literally have to chug down a liter of salt water and I felt like I was going to die! It was one of the grossest things I’ve ever done.


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