So I start my summer quarter tomorrow! I feel like I just finally got into my month long break and now I have to go back. That always seems to be the case though.

Emily, Shawn, and I went to Redondo Beach today as one last hurrah! before we start back up with school.

I wasn’t all that happy with my schedule this quarter because it felt like I couldn’t choose which classes I wanted and when I wanted them so they are all super spaced out. Hopefully it all goes well and it works out. I’m going to try and do each assignment the day/night it is assigned instead of waiting until a different day to do it….we’ll see how it goes. -_-

Tomorrow is my first class and it’s “Technical Sketching for Design.”

This course incorporates flat sketching, garment construction, and the development of specification sheets. Terminology of design language, garment details, and the continuation of fashion illustration are covered. Prerequisites: DESN 1150, DESN 1850, GNST 1170, GNST 1230

I’m usually not super wild about sketching classes but I pray this one will be different!


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