Woop :)

I’m back from San Diego :] I love it down there and the train ride is great but I love being back in L.A. There is something about being away from your house that I just am not all that jazzed about and want to get back rather soon.

We went to the beach while down in SD and it was so great. I love going to the beach so much! My aunt also has a great backyard with a pool so we spent a lot of time back there too.

We also went shopping and I got these great new shoes from Franchesca’s for $6.45 – WHAT A DEAL! I LOVE THEM!

Yesterday before I left we all went to the new Spiderman movie, it was pretty good. I don’t know that much about the comics but it was good movie wise. It was in 3D and a lot of times I have trouble seeing the effect but this one was great and sometimes I actually reacted to the stuff popping out at you!

Another little story was; while coming home on the Amtrak we got stopped and the train shut off about 10 minutes from Union Station. The conductor comes on the speaker and tells us that one of the train cars came unhosed and a part that keeps the cars together flew off…….WHAT?!?!?! Let me just tell you that was the longest 10 minute ride of my life – but I made it :]

Cleanse Update:

Master cleanse started today. The juice you drink really isn’t that bad! The salt water flush didn’t work for me this morning and honestly just made me want to throw up. I can’t handle salt like that! I’ve never taken a laxative before so that was…..interesting. The report thing that I looked at warned me of all that though and so I was as prepared for what was going to happen has a could have been. I guess  it’s doing good though…..right? Anyway, I’ve been fine with everything however, it is only the first day! I’m sure anyone could do one day of it on adrenaline alone and just the idea of making it work. I told my aunt about it and she said not to do the whole 10 days. She’s a healthy nut and thinks that it can’t be good for you. I don’t really know what I think about it but I might cut it down a little. 10 days is a long time!


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