I Am My Hair

Anyone know who sings that?!?!

Well, anyway I’ve found myself pinning hair a lot lately on Pinterest! I love to do things with my hair but as of recently I’ve been losing a ton of hair…..not exactly sure why but I’ve been noticing it a lot more. My pony tails used to be huge and now they’re getting a bit smaller. I think it’s because what I compare it to is hair from a 13 year old girl who didn’t know what a straightener really was and didn’t know how great layering your hair is!

Plus, I got on this dye binge for a couple years and tore my hair to shreds. Another reason I’m sure it got thinner. And, moving to California it’s dryer here than it is in Iowa….and I may or may not have been going out to dinner with friends instead of buying conditioner! But I got this new stuff from Tresemme that I hope will get my locks back in shape and I vow to:

  • Use no heat styling tools
  • No teasing
  • Wash it 2 times a week
  • Get it trimmed once a month on the 22nd
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables!

The first three are the more drastic ones that I’m going to do only for a month and see if it makes a difference. The last two I’m keeping for life! The 22nd only because that’s the morning I did it this month and want to keep it going! And, I’ve charted what I eat and I eat no fruits/vegetables….unless you count pizza sauce and smoothies.

I’ve been stressing over this a lot lately to the point that I can’t fall sleep at night! I know I’m just noticing it now but when I think about it when I was younger I would have hair falling out left and right. That’s when I tell myself, “Calm it down Megan, you’re going crazy!” FIDM does this to students! It makes us crazy! And I’m not even in school right now! I’m on a month break!

*All images are from Pinterest!


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