Old Town Pasadena

Last week Emily and I went to Pasadena after we were finally done with school for the quarter! We originally went to Target to get some stuff but then we decided to celebrate the end of the quarter too. We went to this cute little frozen yougurt shop called 21 Choices. They have the best stuff there! My favorite is Animal Circus Cookie – I can eat a whole bag of those little cookies like nobody’s business.

It has vanilla frozen yogurt – even though  I think it’s just soft serve, it tastes just like what you get at Dairy Queen or something like that, sprinkles, cookie dough, and Circus Cookies! It will give you the worst stomach ache if you eat it without eating real food first or if you eat it to fast….believe me!

We also went over to H & M (it was across the street) and found that they were having their summer sale! I found some cute stuff that I really liked and picked it up for really cheap :]


I loved this dress because of it’s print! I like wild prints like this and they are totally in right now. It has a braided belt that wraps around the waist and has extra fabric on the side seams that make it really flowy. Cost: $5.00

This top I just thought was really cool and I liked the overall print on it :] Cost: $5.00

This dress was my favorite!! I just LOVE it! It’s bright pink, what’s not to love?! They had a plain white and black one but I was feeling the pink one better. It has an exposed gold zipper on the upper back and has 3/4 sleeves – which I love! I know some people don’t like them but I think they’re great, it’s like the best of both worlds. Cost: $7.00

I love all my new buys and have worn each at least once so far. I’ve gotten a lot of complements on each piece so I believe they were all good buys and quite cheap too considering it’s H & M we’re talking about!

I LOVE Pasadena! In the last week I’ve gone 3 times – each time with a stop at 21 Choices and H & M. I wanted to get the white/black version of my dress but it wasn’t on sale…ummmm…that’s weird!

Towards the end of the night….enough said :]


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